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EV, PHEV, & Hybrid

Putting More Electric Vehicles on the Streets for a Carbon-Neutral Future

With manufacturers aiming to stop producing non-electric vehicles by 2023 and rising gas prices, electric and hybrid cars are becoming increasingly ideal. California takes the extra initiative to implicate clean driving by rewarding consumers for purchasing earth-friendly vehicles. Check out why the California Clean Fuel Reward Program advocates for hybrid and electric cars and how California residents and businesses can benefit from choosing to go green.

Hybrid Vs. Electric - What's the Difference?


A vehicle that uses battery first and gasoline second. The battery recharges with regenerated braking. Once the battery is depleted, the car will then switch to gasoline. Hybrids still require a trip to the pump, but not as often.


A vehicle that solely uses a battery and no gasoline. These cars require battery charging via a charging port at home or in parking lots. They typically use terms like "mile range" versus miles per gallon.

The Perks of Driving All-Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Less Pollution

No exhaust pipe equals no exhaust gases emitting from the vehicle.

Lower Fees

Say goodbye to gas prices. Not only that, but you'll most likely get a tax credit for driving clean, with little to no vehicle tax on your purchase.

Convenient Charging

Federal grants make charging at home and work accessible to those not close to the thousands of charging ports across the country.


Hybrid and electric vehicles can also be an affordable option when buying secondhand

Less Maintenance

With no internal gas-powered engine, you don't need to stress over several moving parts that might need replacing. Electric vehicles remove the hassle of spending time and money on common repairs. On average, you can save up to $632 annually owning an electric or hybrid vehicle compared to a regular combustion engine.

Tax Credit

You can earn credit on your annual taxes just for driving clean and green as well as other rebates and rewards available for consumers.

What is the California Clean Fuel Reward?

To meet the carbon reduction objective, the state of California created an incentive for consumers to receive upon sale when purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle with a battery capacity greater than 5 kilowatts. Examples of qualifying cars include:

  • Niro EV
  • Niro PHEV
  • Sportage PHEV
  • Sorento PHEV
  • EV6 
  • And so much more

On a sliding scale determined by the battery capacity, you can get up to $750 back for purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle. A battery capacity of 100 kilowatts will earn $750 compared to the $583.36 you'd make with a battery capacity of 12 kilowatts. Rewards are granted upon purchase at the time of sale by the retailer.

Who is Eligible for the Clean Fuel Reward?

Anyone who leases or purchases an eligible vehicle in California is qualified for a monetary reward upon purchase at a participating dealership regardless of income amount. Vehicles must be registered to the state of California with a residing or business registered California address. If your dealership recently participated in the Clean Fuel Rewards Program after purchase, you may still be eligible for rewards by contacting cleanfuelreward.com

Take Advantage of California's Clean Fuel Reward Today

Schedule an appointment or call Kia Santa Maria for more information on how to qualify for the Clean Fuel Reward Program. If you're interested in obtaining this offer and would like more information, check out cleanfuelreward.com for additional resources and benefits for buying Electric.

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